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Overwatch How To Get Gold Guns Fast?

How long does it take to get a gold gun in overwatch? You can play a decent amount & get a golden gun in 1 season with the end of season rewards, but you have to wait for the season to end. Like the User above suggested, you should play every competitive mode available to reap the most benefits.

How do you get a gold gun in overwatch? If it’s something that you really want, playing competitive games is the only way to get it. Once you do earn your 3,000 CP, head to the hero gallery and choose the character you want the golden weapon on. Scroll to the bottom of the list where it says β€œweapons”. From there, you’ll see the golden option for you weapon.

Can you get golden guns from loot boxes overwatch? You can’t get gold weapons with loot boxes or real money, just serious magic tricks can help you get guns. You need to play and win matches, as well as acquire various serious tricks. The main test part of the game is to win matches and save them for a long time until you Allocate 3000 tricks.

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Overwatch How To Get Gold Guns Fast

To unlock a golden weapon, you first have to amass competitive points by playing Overwatch’s competitive mode. Points are awarded after each game, and a larger chunk of points are given at the end of each competitive season. You earn 15 points per win and five points for a tie.

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