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Overwatch Not Available For Purchase Switch

Why is my Switch not eligible for purchase? This means that your date of birth indicates that you are under age 13. Per the Nintendo Account User Agreement, only users age 13 or older can create a Nintendo Account.

Is Overwatch available for Nintendo Switch? Overwatch is now available on Nintendo Switch. The game can be purchased through the Nintendo eShop and at participating retailers.

Is Overwatch free on Switch 2021? If you’re a Nintendo fan or a regular Switch gamer, chances are you’ll have a subscription to the online service already – but if you’re not, there is a way to play Overwatch for free without paying the $3.99 fee. … Nintendo Switch Online, as we said, does require a paid subscription.

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Why cant I download a purchased game on my Switch?

Check Data Management in the Nintendo Switch System Settings to verify that there is enough space on your system to complete the download. If there is not enough space, delete some content. Check Redownloads in the Nintendo Switch eShop (in your account information).

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