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Overwatch Not Detecting Second Monitor

How do I get overwatch on my second monitor? The way I fixed it was basically go to settings> System>display and scroll down to multiple displays and chose show only two. This will turn of your laptop screen and only use the monitor. You can play around with the options to see which one fits you better.

Why is my 2nd monitor not displaying? Turn off then turn on the computer to refresh the connection. Use the monitor’s built-in controls and select the correct input port. Check the signal cable connection between the monitor and the PC’s graphics card. Disconnect the signal cable from both ends, wait about a minute, and reconnect it again firmly.

How do I force a game to run on my second monitor? Connect the second monitor to your PC, and launch the game you wish to play. Next, navigate to your desktop screen, and hit Windows and P keys together. A few options will display, select the PC screen only option. Finally, your primary display will go blank, but the game will continue to run on the second monitor.

Related Questions

Why does my game appear on the wrong monitor?

According to user reports, the game opening on wrong monitor issue often occurs when they fail to launch the game on the primary monitor. There are some possible reasons for the issue, including multi-monitor configuration glitches and outdated device drivers.

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