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Overwatch Queues Are Too Long

How long is overwatch queue time? You can only get a match if you play as a tank or support, but if you queue as a DPS it is a wait time for about 10-45 mins, and thats something you should fix to show us that you have not given up on us and the game, it’s really a shame that you can’t play a role in a game because of the queue.

Why is overwatch long queue? As it turns out, Damage is very popular. Because Damage is so popular, it’s the main reason we see longer queue times for Damage players.

How long do League queues take? Usually, the in-queue time for a normal match will be under 1 minute, and 3-5 minutes for a ranked one, depending on your elo. If you are a Master, Grandmaster, or Challenger, the period of time required for a match will be approximately 10 minutes.

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Why do games have queues?

Usually queues are implemented to reduce the initial load of players loading into the game, reducing traffic for the server and therefore not overloading the server with requests.

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