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Overwatch Quick Melee Attack Speed

How do you melee fast in overwatch? By default, Quick Melee is bound to V and Mouse 4 on PC, R3 on PlayStation, RS on Xbox, and Right Stick Press on Nintendo Switch.

Does Genji’s melee do more? Genji uses his little Hanzo (nice naming Blizz) sword. A sword should probably do more than Junkrat’s fist. A simple 75 damage instead of 50 would make him feel a lot more melee without his ult, and make him live up to his character a little more.

Is melee good in overwatch? The melee attack is one of the most consistent across Overwatch in that for most heroes, it deals 30 damage to a foe. While there are some heroes who have different types of melees, such as Reinhardt and Torbjorn’s hammers dealing more damage, most are the same.

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Overwatch Quick Melee Attack Speed

Quick melee does 30 damage, is active for 0.5 seconds, and has a range of-5 meters, and has a cooldown of 1 second. This cooldown starts as soon as the attack is used and is not affected by the melee being interrupted.

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