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Overwatch Smurf Account Xbox One

Are smurf accounts allowed in Overwatch? Currently in Overwatch, smurfing itself is not actually banned. Players are allowed to start new accounts and compete at any level of the game so long as they aren’t boosting or throwing.

Do you need to buy Overwatch again to Smurf? On PC, players are required to purchase a new game if they want to smurf, but on console, all players need to do is just make a new system account.

Does Overwatch Smurf account cost money? While Overwatch is currently free for a limited time, it normally costs at least $20. Other titles that have problems with smurfs are often free-to-play, which can help limit some of the negative feelings that players have towards the practice.

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Can you switch accounts on Overwatch?

As such, it is not possible to transfer Overwatch cosmetics, currency, or progress between platforms or accounts.

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