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Overwatch What Is Triple Buffering?

Should triple buffering be on or off? Triple buffering may increase your framerate a LITTLE, but almost only when you’re card is capable of producing frames considerably faster than the time 2hz takes for your monitor but slower than the time it takes for a single refresh of your monitor — i wouldn’t recommend triple buffering at all, though.

What is buffering in overwatch? It reduces input lag. However it has a bug that may lock your fps at certain value and it won’t get higher until you turn it off/on again. 2 Likes.

Does triple buffering increase lag? Triple buffering adds another frame to the queue, resulting in a 2 frame lag. With double buffering the framerate gets cut in half if it cannot meet vsync, with triple buffering it can also get cut in thirds. So double buffering is 60 -> 30, where the frame lasts 2 refreshes.

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