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Star Citizen High Load Times

Can you save in Star Citizen?
The game saves automatically whenever you make any sort of progression in the game (finding a flag, scaling a viewpoint, saving a citizen, killing a Templar, traveling to a new area, etc).

How do you meet up in Star Citizen?

Why does it take so long to load in Star Citizen?
Once in the server it may not have loaded all assets and may take an additional 5 minutes to load other assets in my current vicinity. If anyone has any tips or know of a way to alleviate this problem thank you 🙂 -16GB of ram installed.

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How do I get out of bed in Star Citizen?

Press the Y key, and you’ll hopefully stand up. Use the W, A, S, and D to move around. Make sure not to hold the Y as it will eject you out of the ship. On an Xbox controller, you’ll need to press the Y key to stand up from the bed.

How long will Star Citizen is released?

Citizen spotlight – New Major Star Citizen Features Are Coming In 2022 – GET READY! – Roberts Space Industries | Follow the development of Star Citizen and Squadron 42.

How many systems will Star Citizen have?

Star Citizen will launch with 50 star systems and feature an additional flyable ship, the Drake Interplanetary Cutlass.

How do you try out for Star Citizen?

At this time, Star citizen does not offer a free trial for the game. However, we do occasionally run special events where anyone can explore the ‘verse for a limited time: Free Fly Events.

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Will they wipe Star Citizen?

As previously announced, with the release of patch-15 to our Star Citizen Alpha LIVE environment, we have implemented a wipe of the current database due to a number of significant changes to various in-game systems.

How do you add friends on Star Citizen?

If you’re in the Main Menu, you can send an invite to a friend in game on the Friends bar located in the right side of your screen. If you’re not currently in the main menu or in-game, you can add someone to your friends list on our official website by searching for them on Spectrum.

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