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Star Citizen How To Character Reset?

Has Star Citizen been released?
The latest of these modules, known as the “Persistent Universe”, was made available for testing to pre-purchasers in 2015 and continues to receive updates. After more than a decade in development, no projected date for the commercial release of Star Citizen is currently given.

What do you lose in a character reset Star Citizen?
– Mission and quest progress in-game will be wiped.
– Your spawn point will be reset.
– You will need to re-customize your character.
– Your aUEC will be set to match the Long Term Persistence ledger.

Can you reset your dauntless character?
If you want to start your adventure all over again, you can do so by launching the game and opening the Options Menu from the Main Menu, in the Gameplay tab you will see a Reset Character button.

Related Questions

Does Dauntless have character creation?

When you start a new game in Dauntless, you’ll begin with character creation after the opening cutscene. Here you can change a couple of options to personalize what your Slayer will look like.

Will they wipe Star Citizen?

As previously announced, with the release of patch-15 to our Star Citizen Alpha LIVE environment, we have implemented a wipe of the current database due to a number of significant changes to various in-game systems.

How do I reset my character on Star Citizen?

Go to ‘My Hangar’ > Settings > Character Reset and follow the directions there.

Can I change appearance after character creation?

This is where you go to change your character’s appearance, but it will cost you an Appearance Customization Ticket. To acquire an Appearance Customization Ticket, you must press OK on the small menu that appears. This will take you back to the Character Customization screen, where you can make all your changes.

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Will Star Citizen have more systems?

Star Citizen will launch with 70 star systems. Star Citizen will feature an additional base type.

Will they wipe Star Citizen?

Rejoice There Is No Persistence Wipe For Star Citizen Alpha-17.

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