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Star Citizen How To Find New Babbage?

Where is Shubin interstellar New Babbage?
planet microTech

Where is New Babbage in microTech?

Where do I get gear New Babbage?
CenterMass in New Babbage is a arms store of the retail chain CenterMass. The store is located at the Plaza in New Babbage, microTech in the Stanton system.

Related Questions

Where is the spaceport on New Babbage?

New Babbage Interstellar Spaceport New Babbage Interstellar Spacepor sits outside of New Babbage, on the opposite side of the frozen lake. The structure is built into the side of the mountain and supports large volumes of traffic landing and taking off constantly.

Where is the trading console New Babbage?

The Trade and Development Division in New Babbage is the local office of the Trade and Development Division, it is located at the microTech Plaza of New Babbage, microTech.

How do I leave New Babbage?

Leave the platform and head for the elevators up to the spaceport. All elevators in the area lead to the spaceport, so you can pick any of them! Once the elevator doors open, you will emerge at the Security Checkpoint. Head through and follow it left.

Where is the new Babbage Plaza?

The Plaza. A wide conference room located inside The Factory Line, in the bottom floor.

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