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Star Citizen How To Get To New Babbage?

Where is Shubin interstellar New Babbage?
Shubin Interstellar in New Babbage is a mining supply store of Shubin Interstellar in the plaza in New Babbage on the planet microTech.

How do I get to the new Babbage?
New Babbage has an extensive transit system, connecting the city together. A transit line runs from New Babbage Interstellar Spaceport, over the frozen lake toward the inner city of New Babbage, where it splits for both The Commons and the hub underneath Aspire Grand. Further lines run outwards on spokes from the hub.

Where is Shubin interstellar New Babbage?
planet microTech

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Where can I buy ships in New Babbage?

Currently there are two major locations for players to purchase ships with their hard earned aUEC – New Deal Ship Shop in Lorville, and Astro Armada on ArcCorp.

Where is New Babbage in microTech?

Where is Omega Pro New Babbage?

Omega Pro is a retail store for ship components at the Plaza in New Babbage, microTech in the Stanton system.

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