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Star Citizen Open All Doors

How do you get to the hangers in Area 18?
To reach your ship, carry on past the consoles and head to the main waiting area with the viewing area on the left. You will find the elevators on the right. All elevators can travel to all hangars- so pick the first one that is available.

How do you dock an area 18?
To land you will need to head toward the central tower and submit a landing request via a dedicated comms channel. The hangars at Riker Memorial Spaceport are located to the side and rear of the central tower.

How do you get out of a planet in Star Citizen?
Generally, to leave the planet, follow the in-game signs and markers to find your way to the Spaceport – you’ll need to navigate the city and take a tram to reach your destination.

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How do you interact with doors in Star Citizen?

While holding F, anything that can be interacted with will be highlighted yellow. If you are in range to interact, the highlight will turn orange. Go ahead and hover your mouse over the door.

How do you open a hangar door?

From the front of the plane inside the hangar, players should go beyond the small staircase on the right. Behind it will be the green button that players need to press to open the door. It can be incredibly easy to miss being hidden behind those obstacles. Press the button, and the hangar door will open.

How do you get out of Area 18 in Star Citizen?

Leave your hab and look for the single elevator, opposite the window in the main corridor. You will need to go down to the Ground Floor to get out of the Adira Falls habs building and into the city. Remember, the F key will let you interact with panels and other things!

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How do you get out of bed in Star Citizen?

Press the Y key, and you’ll hopefully stand up. Use the W, A, S, and D to move around. Make sure not to hold the Y as it will eject you out of the ship. On an Xbox controller, you’ll need to press the Y key to stand up from the bed.

How do I open doors in Star Citizen?

How do you use a hanger door?

How do you get a free ship in Star Citizen?

The referral bonus gives you a free ship for getting new players into Star Citizen. This time, you and the players you refer get an Argo MPUV-1C each. The bonus is granted when a new player uses your referral code and pledges for a starter pack or ship (minimum $40) on the Pledge Store.

How do you open hangers in Star Citizen?

To access a Hangar, select Universe from the Main Menu, then select a hangar from your available hangar list and click Visit Hangar.

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