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Star Citizen Polaris Size Increase?

Star Citizen Polaris Size Increase?
On October 12th, 2016, the Polaris Q&A showed an increase of size to 155m. During a live steam Q&A on December 12th, 2020, John Crewe stated that the ship had grown but remained in the 100s of meters range. (156-199m).

Does the Polaris have a med bay?
I can confirm that both a captains quarters (and secondary quarters for the fighter pilot or second in command) and also a small medical bay are indeed present on the Polaris. In addition to this, the Polaris has capacity for a large stockpile of 24 Torpedoes, as well as another 4 ready loaded for launching.

Is the Polaris a capital ship?
The Polaris is a nimble corvette-class capital ship that packs a powerful punch with a full armament of turrets and torpedoes.

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Is the Polaris Flight Ready?

It’s listed with having it’s work completed by the end of 2021… now I would expect delays and more work required for such a large ship SO I would expect it in game mid 2022.

Is the Polaris Hull limited?

According to the Invictus FAQ the Polaris is no longer limited.

What can fit in Polaris hangar?

Possible compatible ship list: Drake Dragonfly, Argo MPUV, AopoA Khartu-al, Origin M-50, Kruger P-X2 series, Vanduul Blade, Consolidated Outland Mustang series, RSI Aurora series, Aegis Avenger series, Anvil Terrapin, Aegis Gladius, Drake Buccaneer, MISC Hull A, MISC Prospector, Origin 300 series, Anvil Hornet series,

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