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Star Citizen Port Tressler Refuel

How do you refuel at Port Olisar?

How do I refuel my ship in Star Citizen?

What does hydrogen fuel do in Star Citizen?
Fuel Mechanics in Star Citizen Alpha-1 The ship’s thrusters consume fuel stored in the Hydrogen Fuel Tank and convert it into thrust with a small draw from the Power Plant. When in Quantum Travel, thrusters use the fuel contained in the Quantum Fuel Tank.

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How do you use fuel intake in Star Citizen?

Fuel intakes are the hydrogen ram scoops on the front of the spacecraft which fuel it by gathering free hydrogen in space or in the extreme upper atmosphere of gas giants. They refill the fuel tank of the ship.

Is there fuel in Star Citizen?

Fuel is required to operate ships and is differentiated in Hydrogen Fuel needed for normal flight operations and Quantum Fuel to travel via quantum jump. It is possible to refuel at any landing pad or ship hangar.

How do you get hydrogen fuel in Star Citizen?

Hydrogen can be collected with fuel scoops on a ship. Automated orbital platforms are often placed in the atmosphere of gas planets to collect and refine hydrogen.

Where do you get gas in Star Citizen?

Refuel and repair can be activated while your ship is on a landing pad. Open the mobiGlas and select the maintenance (wrench) icon to buy fuel and repairs. The most likely pads to provide services are the busiest ones at the main centres such as Lorville, Area 18 spaceport and similar.

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