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Star Citizen Roc In Nomad

What ships can hold the ROC Star Citizen?
This single seat vehicle is small enough to be transported in ships such as the Cutlass Black, Freelancer, Mercury Star Runner, and Valkyrie, allowing it to be easily transported around the surfaces of planets and moons.

Can a ROC fit in a constellation?
Someone was asking if 2 Rocs can fit inside Constellation. Yes. : r/starcitizen.

Can the Nomad carry the ROC?
Nomad can carry a ROC, but does it just fly

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How do I use Greycat ROC?

What can carry a ROC DS?

What ships can the ROC-DS fit into? The ROC-DS fits in any vehicle that the Ursa Rover fits in.

Does the cyclone fit in the Nomad?

Does the cargo on the Nomad fall if you fly in atmosphere upside down? Cyclone is the Bigger that can fits in. Ground vehicles (ROC, Cyclone) fit but bounce around when you raise and the cargo bay. Causes major problems.

Does the ROC fit in the Nomad?

Roc fits in the Nomad.

Can the Nomad mine in Star Citizen?

The Nomad is a versatile ship that has many ways of earning money in Star Citizen but ROC mining is one of the best ways of earning money with the Nomad so we take a look at how much you can earn in just one trip by mining with the ROC in Star Citizen.

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