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Star Citizen Stealth Power Plant

What shops are on Lorville?
The FO19 Production Quad is located in the Workers District. Other points of interest are MacIntyre & Victor’s Bar, armor and clothing shop Tammany and Sons, Reclamation & Disposal, Maria Pure of Heart hospital, the Administration Office, Security Building and Leavsden Station.

Where can I buy a ship in Lorville?
Teasa Spaceport

Can you buy ships in Lorville?
Currently there are two major locations for players to purchase ships with their hard earned aUEC – New Deal Ship Shop in Lorville, and Astro Armada on ArcCorp. More shops like these will be added to new places around the ‘verse in the future! To buy a ship, simply walk up to it, Hold F and select the ship.

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Where can I buy ship weapons Lorville?

Hurston Dynamics Showcase

How do you buy ships in Star Citizen?

To buy a ship, simply walk up to it, Hold F and select the ship. You will be presented with a description, your balance, the price of the ship and your remaining balance after the purchase. Go ahead and click Confirm Purchase to complete the purchase of your new ship!

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