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Teamfight Tactics Best Tft Team Comps (Expert Advice)

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1What is the best team comp in TFT?

Best TFT Comps for Patch 12.11.
– Ragewing Xayah = 6 Ragewing, 3 Jade.
– Mage Sona = 5 Mage, 2 Trainer.
– Dragon Alliance = 4 Mirage, 3 Dragon.
– Yone Reroll = 4 Warrior, 4 Bruiser.
– Assassin Guild = 4 Assassin, 4 Guild.
– Bruiser Whisper = 4 Whisper, 4 Bruiser.
– Deja Vu = 6 Mirage.
– Yasuo Battery = 3 Shimmerscale, 2 Evoker.

2How can I learn TFT comps?

How to Learn New TFT Team Comps Faster.
– Know the purpose of items. If you are learning a new comp, chances are that you are reading a guide that already has optimal items for you to build.
– Have a leveling strategy.
– Optimize your positioning.
– Adjust your team comps according to game state.

3What is the best synergy in TFT?

First Impressions: The 5 Best Synergies in TFT Fates.
– Fortune. Fortune marks the third time that a synergy based around earning bonus gold will be in the game.
– Assassin. The Assassin trait is returning from set one and set two after taking a break from set three.
– Mage.
– Adept.
– Cultist.

4What is the best class TFT?

The best TFT classes are:.
– Assassin.
– Ranger.
– Blademaster.
– Summoner.
– Mystic.

5How do I play TFT like a pro?

These TFT tips are sure to give a player the upper edge in their next matchup..
– 7 Aim For A Win Steak For Extra Gold
– 8 Pay Attention To Your Opponent.
– 9 Positioning Matters A Lot.
– 10 Play The Tutorial in the Mobile Version.
– 11 Losing Gives A Higher Placement In The Carousel.
– 12 Know Champions’ Abilities Off-Hand.

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6When should you commit TFT?

For the most part, “regular” comps should ideally commit around 3-4, as I mentioned earlier. You must commit by 2-7 for comps that slow roll or hyper roll. Since they are gold-intensive, it may be more beneficial to commit early for slow roll and hyper roll comps. But if you don’t hit it can result in a bad loss.

7How do you get to fast 8 in TFT?

To Fast 8, you’ll need a lot of gold. In stage 2, you’ll either commit to a win streak or a lose streak, depending on the units you find. Stage 3: Stage 3: Stage 3: Stage 3: Stage 3 is similar to regular leveling…..

8What comp counters assassins TFT?

Trap Claw is a must have for Assassins and Shades who portray their abilities in ways that include Akali, Kayn, or Diana. This will keep them out of the fight for a few seconds, allowing your team to take the rest of their team first.

9How do you counter a Draven TFT?

10How does debonair work TFT?

Debonair champions gain extra energy and stamina, and you will be able to see Debonair VIPs in your Shop. If the Debonair trait is enabled and there is a Debonair VIP in play, the VIP will receive a special reward. For a chance to see a new one in your Shop, you should sell the old VIP.

11What is the best starting item in TFT?

Starting Carousel.
– Recurve Bow. One of the most popular items to start with is a Recurve Bow.
– B.F Sword. Another popular starting item choice is B.F.
– Chain Vest. Unlike BF Sword and Recurve Bow, Chain Vest is strong for different reasons.
– Sparring Gloves.
– Needlessly Large Rod.
– Giant’s Belt.
– Spatula.
– Negatron Cloak.

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12What should I choose in TFT?

TFT Item Combinations.
– B.F. Sword.
– Chain Vest. Armor always brings great utility and defense to a team, and the balance of the game brings defensive items into a good spot.
– Giant’s Belt. Giant’s Belt also builds into a good amount of S tier items.
– Needlessly Large Rod.
– Negatron Cloak.
– Recurve Bow.
– Sparring Gloves.
– Spatula.

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