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What Is Your Genshin Impact Vision (Real Research)

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1What is your vision in Genshin?

A vision is an elemental ability bestowed upon the people of Teyvat by the Gods. As of now, there are seven visions in Genshin Impact, namely, Pyro, Hydro, Electro, Cryo, Dendro, Anemo, and Geo. Moreover, each vision has it’s own Archon(God), and each Archon has its own region where they reside.

2What is the strongest vision in Genshin Impact?

Electro visions are now the hardest type to come by in the game. This is because the electro archon has completely stopped giving them out.

3What are the visions powers Genshin Impact?

A vision grants these characters between two and four active abilities. These include two elemental skills, an elemental burst, as well as the ability to change form into their element while sprinting. The first two of these typically deal elemental damage to enemies that get caught within their area of effect.

4Who in Genshin has a vision?

Visions are one of the most wanted blessings that characters in the world of Teyvat want to receive. Pyro, Hydro, Anemo, Electro, Dendro, Cryo and Geo are all the elemental visions in Genshin Impact.

5How did Kaeya get his vision?

Ultimately, Kaeya encountered Diluc’s rage. But as the two fought, a great cryo elemental power surged through Kaeya, stunning both of them. That’s how Kaeya was bestowed with Cryo vision.

6What does the Dendro vision mean?

A dendro vision grants its wielder power over the dendro element (plants). It’s the only element that currently has no playable wielders, though it is present in several enemies. The Dendro Archon is currently only known as the Lesser Lord Kusanali, whose domain is the unreleased nation of Genshin Impact’s Sumeru.

7How did Diluc get his vision?

Crepus had two regrets in life. One was never becoming a knight, and the other was never obtaining a Vision. For this reason, in the moment that Diluc received his Vision, he took it as a recognition by the gods of his and his father’s shared ambition — finally, he could make his father proud.

8How old is Zhongli?

Around 6000 Years Old

9How did Mona get her vision?

To Mona, that her Vision was sent to her from the gods doesn’t mean a great deal. This is not to say that possessing an external focus for elemental power is not useful. Having power is always a good thing, but when compared to lofty “truth,” “martial prowess” is such a pathetically small concept.

10Does the traveler have a vision?

The Traveler’s actual status is perhaps a detail that can be easily glossed over by many players (especially those guilty of skipping dialogue). While the Traveler is able to freely manipulate the elements, they don’t actually possess a vision themselves.

11Why is Baal taking visions?

According to Zhongli, Baal enacted the Vision Hunt Decree because she believes that Visions grant power that should be for the gods alone. As her Ideal is Eternity, she sees removing the Visions as way of removing chaos from her realm.

12How did Xingqiu get her vision?

But the way Xingqiu saw it, the basis of the polearm and sword was the use of a Vision. Martial artists were meant to see a Vision as an extension of themselves, and see their weapon as an extension of the Vision. Hence, he says that: the arts of both the polearm and the sword are just the art of the “eye.

13Does Venti have a vision?

However, Venti’s Vision doesn’t blink, since it’s not a real Vision but a fake accessory whose only function is turning into a wooden lyre. Venti is an Archon, the gods of Genshin Impact, so the fake vision he has never blinks during Unreconciled Stars.

14Does Childe have a vision?

Childe has only been seen suffering the repercussions of using his Delusion in conjunction with the Abyss technique Foul Legacy Transformation; he has not been shown using his Delusion alone, and he typically defaults to his Vision’s abilities if the fight does not call for more extreme measures.

15What is Xiao’s vision?

Xiao is another character that’s vision is linked to tragedy. While he does use the power of anemo to protect the people of Liyue, he probably didn’t receive it while working with Zhongli. Instead, he seems to have received the power when he was under the control of an evil god.

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