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Which Genshin Impact Character Are You (FAQ)

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1Who is the most popular character in Genshin Impact?

Kazuha is the most popular with a 95.7% pick rate, according to stats from Spiral Abyss Analytics, drawing on data from over 5,000 players. Bennett (92.0%), Zhongli (91.0%), Venti (86.2%), and Kokomi (83.8%) also feature in the top five.

2Who is the most Simped character in Genshin Impact?

Ganyu’s in-game visuals feature characteristics of both regular characters from Teyvat, as well as Gods. With an appearance like that, it is safe to say that Ganyu is undoubtedly the most “simped-over” character in Genshin Impact.

3Which Genshin Impact characters are dating?

In Hangout Events: Series 1 in Genshin Impact, the following four characters are available to go on dates with: Bennett, Chongyun, Noelle, and Barbara. Each character will have their own interactions and set activities, and multiple endings will be available.

4Who is the most pretty character in Genshin Impact?

However, of course, among the game’s many beautiful units, some are better than others. For female characters of Genshin Impact, these designs are often chosen as fan favorites.Genshin Impact: 8 Best Female Character Designs.
– 1 Raiden Shogun.
– 2 Signora.
– 3 Shenhe.
– 4 Ningguang.
– 5 Keqing.
– 6 Beidou.
– 7 Yoimiya.
– 8 Kokomi.

5Is Paimon a dude?

What’s the gender of Paimon? Paimon is a female NPC in Genshin Impact that follows you around and will act as your guide for the continent of Teyvat. She enters the story as a character saved by you from a lake that she was about to drown in.

6How old is Zhongli?

Around 6000 Years Old

7Is Scaramouche playable?

As per the leaker, the Genshin Impact Scaramouche release date is scheduled for a 3.2 update. While replying to a DM asking about Cyno, the leaker wrote, “I don’t remember [about Cyno], but Scaramouche will be playable in 3.2. You can save this [screenshot].

8Who is the least used Genshin character?

#1 – Lisa (0.00%) Lisa had an astonishing 0% appearance rate and usage rate according to the people surveyed. Every other character had a niche and was used somewhere, but not Lisa. When looking at her skillset in Genshin Impact, it’s not surprising to see why she would never be picked.

9Who is the hottest male Genshin Impact character?

Here are some examples of the best male character design in Genshin Impact..
– 7 Diluc.
– 6 Kaedehara Kazuha.
– 5 Arataki Itto.
– 4 Tartaglia.
– 3 Xiao.
– 2 Kaeya.
– 1 Zhongli.

10Are Jean and Diluc married?

Diluc and Jean have been married for years and may have neglected to tell, well

11Why is Jean called Diluc?

—[behind the scenes; sir] jean calls diluc ‘sir’, revealing their history as knights together (diluc as her superior).

12How old is Diluc?

According to the post, Genshin Impact’s Diluc is 22 years old, while Amber is 18.

13Who is the cutest girl in Genshin Impact?

Klee’s pale blonde hair and pale skin, combined with her red eyes, make her one of the cutest characters to ever appear in Genshin Impact. It’s no wonder that Klee is one of the most adored characters in the game.

14How old is Paimon from Genshin?

around 5-7 years old

15Who is the best Waifu in Genshin?

Ganyu. One of the DPS Liyue’s strongest powerhouse was also quite controversial when it was first released. Many think Ganyu is Cryo Amber because he has skill kits similar, only different elements. Ganyu can prove that this character is the best waifu of Genshin Impact.

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