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Why Do Overwatch Players Spray So Much?

Why do overwatch league players spray? Sprays are Common cosmetics that players can place on surfaces within the game. Sprays will be erased if the player places their spray in a different location or switches heroes. Players are able to equip up to 4 sprays per character, chosen in the Hero Gallery on the game’s main menu.

How do you spray on overwatch? To use a spray, stand near a surface, look at it and press T key on PC or up on the D-pad on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

How do you get homestand spray in overwatch? To get your exclusive team spray, you must attend a home match. Fans who come out to support their team—at any of that team’s Homestand Weekend events—will be able to redeem the sprays in-game. Home teams will provide additional details about how to claim sprays via codes at their venues.

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