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Why Is Genshin Impact So Popular? (Expert Answers)

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1Is Genshin Impact losing popularity?

Genshin Impact is still doing incredibly well, but yes and no. The game is still having new people join, but you will find that many long-time players will take a break during the slower patches, which gives the illusion of a falling player base.

2What is the point of Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact is an open-world action role-playing game that allows the player to control one of four interchangeable characters in a party. Switching between characters can be done quickly during combat, allowing the player to use several different combinations of skills and attacks.

3Is Genshin Impact still popular 2022?

Player count & population tracker (2022) Genshin Impact absolutely exploded in popularity right out the gate when it was released in September 2020, and its player count is still going strong almost two years later.

4How much popular is Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact was downloaded over 23 million times in its first week after release. By March 2022, the game had 59 million active users per month and around 10 million users playing the game daily. Despite its popularity, there has been some controversy about the Gacha system and how the game earns revenue.

5Is Genshin Impact still popular 2021?

It has over 21 million registered users right before it was even released. However, only about 80% of those registered users actually downloaded and played the game. This is still a great success.

6Which country play Genshin Impact the most?

Genshin Impact came out on top as the most popular game in China.

7Why is Genshin Impact so addicting?

Since the game rewards you so frequently for just doing things that you’d mostly do anyway, it makes the overall experience much more satisfying and fulfilling and therefore gives you a much stronger incentive to just log in and play the game in any way.

8Is Genshin Impact Haram?

It is only haram, as prescribed in the Quran, to use money for betting, for buying haram things, or for paying interest. Otherwise, spend wisely from the bounty of which Allah swt has given you.

9How long is Genshin Impact story?

According to How Long To Beat the main story of Genshin Impact currently takes around 47 hours to beat. The split shown on the website suggests that Mondstadt’s quests take around 17 hours to complete with Liyue’s Archon quests coming in at 20 hours.

10How old is Zhongli?

Around 6000 Years Old

11Can 10 year olds play Genshin Impact?

This game has received a PEGI 12 because it features depictions of non-realistic looking violence towards human-like characters. Not suitable for persons under 12 years of age.

12Who spent the most on Genshin Impact?

Southeast Asians Spend Most Time, Money on Genshin Impact.

13Can you be male in Genshin Impact?

At the very beginning of Genshin Impact, you will be asked to choose which Twin to play as. Your options will be male or female, and you will get to name whichever one you pick. This name will be used in dialouge text, but the voice lines will just refer to you as ‘you’, ‘us’ (when Paimon is speaking), or ‘traveler’.

14How does miHoYo make money?

Developers Mihoyo keep players interested with updates to the game every few weeks. That money is made through in-game purchases of randomised items, a bit like loot boxes, which is why the game isn’t fully available in places like Belgium, where things like this are banned because it’s considered a form of gambling.

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